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Ultrasound cavitation is an FDA approved technique that uses state of the art technology to reduce body circumference for clients who are nearing their goal weight. Ultrasound cavitation is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat removal treatment that works by using ultrasound waves to break down fat cells and liquefy them. The liquefied fat cells are disposed of through the lymphatic system, leaving the healthy cells intact. Treatments can target specific areas of the body such as the stomach, arms, buttocks, love handles, thighs, legs, and cellulite spots. There is no pain nor downtime and clients can go to work directly after treatment. When clients have cavitation performed, they will hear a high pitch hum or ringing in their ears (completely normal/safe). If this sound causes discomfort, let your specialist know and they’ll adjust the frequency for you.


Ultrasound cavitation treatment can yield immediate results. Some clients can experience between 1-3 cm of circumference reduction after a single session with increased results after subsequent visits. However, more significant results are noticed after the 2nd and 3rd treatment.


The main benefits are body shaping and contouring, skin tightening and toning, cellulite reduction and tissue volume reduction. 


Ultrasound Cavitation is not a weight-loss treatment, nor treatment for obesity. It is a tool used to reshape and mold the body. It is intended to reduce fat deposits that are resistant to exercise and dieting. 


  • Painless with no downtime

  • Helps reduces and removes cellulite

  • Allows you to contour your body by targeting specific areas

  • Most patients will see a difference after their first treatment session

  • Can be used for both men and women

  • Uses the body's natural mechanisms (lymphatic system) to help lose inches and/ or weight reduction

Recommend at least 3 sessions, 6-12 to achieve optimal results 

Disclaimer: Results vary with each client!

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